Marlene Lindmark

Silent birds
Rabbit herd
Fox and blackbird chickens
Deer with stump
Rooster with stump
Hare with stump
Dog with sticks
Cow with stump
Pig with stump
Foal with stump
Lamb with sticks
Toad, chicken and monstera 100x70 cm
Goat in disguise
Hippo baby with crow and duck
Swan and naked rats 70x50cm
Hermelin rabbit, orchids and monstera 100x70cm
Naked rat and water lilies 20x20cm
hare and dog 70x50cm
Lamb,cactus, hermelinrabbit and chickens 70x50cm
Rabbit, chickens and lilies (Easter) 30x40cm
Chickens, orchids and pearleafs 20x20cm
Babirusa and dwarf pigeon 100x70cm
Baboon with roses and gingerplants
Dog, guinea pig and Andean cock of the rock 70x50cm
White Crow with broccoli and lilies 100x70cm
Cat, cassowary,chicken and pelargonium
Blind foal with hazel 100x60cm
Hungarian Vizsla with banana trees 100x70cm
Dog, golden mole and autumn leafs 20x20cm
Hare in fungus forest 55x55cm
The boar and the hummingbird 75x55 cm